How Does Our Mold Inspection Process Work?

Discovery Call

Each project begins with a discovery call where we discuss pertinent details such as project location, background and client concerns. With this information we can tailor an accurate quote to fit your mold inspection and testing needs.

Site Tour

Upon arrival at your residence or business, we will tour the site with the client to view areas of concern.

Visual Inspection of the Structure

A thorough visual inspection is performed throughout the areas of concern, which may include unfinished spaces such as attics and foundation crawlspaces. In many cases, it is important to view these areas as they may impact the interior spaces.

Thermal Scan & Moisture Survey

A Protimeter SurveyMaster® moisture meter and Flir E30 Infrared camera are utilized to help pinpoint areas where latent moisture may be occurring such as windows, exterior doors and water appliances.

Mold Testing Services

Mold testing is an integral part of our inspection process. The sampling is useful to confirm results of the visual inspection and document the type(s) and quantity of mold spore activity within the structure. For more information regarding mold testing methods, please visit our Mold Testing page.

Samples Shipped to Accredited Lab, EmLab P&K

Samples are then shipped priority overnight via FedEx to our preferred and accredited laboratory, EmLab P&K.

MTSO Report & EmLab P&K Analysis

Once lab results are received, a report including visual observations, photos and results are furnished to the client.

Post-Remediation Clearance Testing After Cleanup

If mold remediation is necessary, for additional fees, post-remediation inspection and testing of the site is available upon request. This service is used to confirm and document the cleanup as successful. We do not perform mold remediation and therefore have no financial stake in any findings.


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