Mold Testing Services of Oregon (MTSO), is based in Portland, Oregon and specializes in mold inspections & mold testing in residential and light commercial properties.
Certified & Insured for mold inspections in OR & WA – Family owned and operated since 2002

Our services are used by a variety of people:


In Portland, Oregon call us for mold inspection and mold testing before purchasing, selling, or renting a home, commercial space or apartment.  Homeowners call for onsite evaluations related to mold concerns.

Home Builders

In Portland, Oregon call us during the construction process to evaluate their projects for potential mold problems.

Property Managers

In Portland, Oregon call us for for potential tenant mold issues and to perform mold inspections and mold testing.

Potential Home Buyers & Real Estate Agents

In Portland, Oregon call us for mold inspections and mold testing on transactions.

Have questions?  Call us at: (503) 754-2590